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Luke Peterschmidt kindly send me the rules for the adventure game he starts before the end of FPG. We have realised these cards.

The illustrations cames from the web and belongs to their creators : Beauvais, Boris, Cabral, Cleavenger, Gimenez, Howe, Maitz, Nasmith, Palencar, Parkinson, Pennington, Suidmak...


he rules for The Adventure Deck and the First Packaged Adventure.

For each two players in the league, you will need 1 adventure deck of 17 Adventure Cards. Before each game, shuffle and draw one card.

The following game will be played following the Adventure Card's Special rules, in the case above, all terrain would count as Spires.

Whoever won the game would take the Adventure Card and be able to use it in future games of the campaign. For example, the player that won the "Spiritualist" card would get to add 2 to their Guardians CMP in all the remaining games of the campaign.

The Campaign would be over when one player won enough Adventure cards to get 8 Victory Points.



That's it.

The fixed coalition box game would include 17 Adventure cards and 3 special Guardian cards that fit into a regular Guardian Deck. The rule book would include a short story to connect all the cards.

Southern Journey

Count VerHoffen, fresh after a defeat in battle, wanders South in search of the Drifters Nexus to recruit new soldiers for his Vierkun. Hot on his heals, Felisha Notor, hunts him like a dog.

Prologue - Post Battle scene, burning bodies, etc... Felisha eats the heart of a crippled Swordsman. A lieutenant tells her that the Count has escaped. Using her magic, she slowly saps out the life essence of the Lieutenant. She looks at her crystal necklace and orders the army to mount up and head South. After she leaves, the Lieutenant slowly lifts himself off the ground and recovers from his "dying".


Felisha (Artwork: Cleavenger, Design: Cath)
Command card If alive after combat, pick one of your opponent's creatures. That creature's Vitality doesn't count towards control of the space. Vitality 5, no off-color bonus. One per space per player.


The Count (Artwork: Parkinson, Design: Cath)
Vitality 10, off 0, Channeling yes. Opponents in match-ups get no off-color bonus vs. the Count.


Crystal Necklace (Artwork: Cabral, Design: Cath)
2 Victory Points
No Special Rules
Draw 2 -12 card hands at the start of a game. Pick which one you want to start with. Put the other back and reshuffle.


Scene 1 - The Counts camp. Sitting around the campfire with his advisors, mending wounds, the Count talks about strategy. His plan is to go South to the drifters nexus to gain more recruits. His blood hounds start to bark, Felisha is close-by. They jump onto their wind steeds and bolt.


Blood Hounds (Artwork: Boris Vallejo, Design: Cath)
1 Victory Point
No Special Rules
Start with 1 extra stone


Wind Steed (Artwork: David, Design: Cath)
2 Victory Points
Each Player Draws 1 extra card every turn
You can go first for 1 stone if you want


Kyill the Advisor (Artwork: Palencar, Design: Cath)
2 Victory Points
All Guardians have their Vitality reduced to 20
The minimum cards you can collect in a turn is 3


Scene 2 - It starts to rain, the Count and his small troupe find shelter in an abandoned cave, only to find out they are not alone in the cave. Some friendly spiritualist live there as well. They are cave painting and getting ready to eat. They invite in the count and his crew. After eating ash fungus laden meat, they all dip into a psychedelic/mystic daze. The Count "sees" Felisha getting close, so he knows it's time to move on. The friendly folk give them food and a Cinder bag that they are told to only open in dire emergencies.


Spiritualist (Artwork: Suidmak, Design: Cath)
1 Victory Point
All Lands, whatever type, count as spires.
Add 2 to your Guardians CMP


Ash Fungus (Artwork: Cabral, Design: Cath)
2 Victory Points
No Special Rules
Look at your opponents deck before the game starts. Shuffle.


Cinder Bag (Artwork: Cabral, Design: Cath)
3 Victory Points
No Special Rules
Once per game you can retreat in combat before any cards are shown


Scene 3
- The Counts hasty exit has caused him to get lost in the Great Bog. This swampy region looks like the Backwater Louisiana Bogs. Strange lights flicker around the adventurers causing them to lose their way. A large crocodile takes one of the party and drags him under, escaping before the party can react. A small wooden raft, driven by a paddle-wheel (mouse inside) floats by. On board are 3 Fairies, triplets. After some haggling, the fairies agree to show the adventurers out of the Bog, for assorted trinkets and jewelry


Crock (Artwork: Maitz, Design: Cath)
1 Victory Point
Game can be won by only 4 shield kills
2 times per game, you may pay a stone to force your opponent to discard their up-card and draw a new one.


Fairy Triplets (Artwork: Parkinson, Design: Cath)
2 Victory Points
No special rules
2 times per game, you may swap a terrain card for one of your face-down terrain cards during the Terrain Phase. Old card comes back into your hand.


Swamp Lights (Artwork: Howe, Design: Cath)
1 Victory Point
Up-cards are not drawn this game. Discard them, and draw from your deck incepted.
2 times in a game, you may draw 2 cards for your up-card. Pick which one you like and discard the other.


Crenell's Bog (Artwork: Howe, Design: Cath)
Card Stock, Terrain Card, text: Counts as both a Wood and Rivers and Lakes Terrain (no ranged attack)


Scene 4 - The Counts crew is camping in the countryside. The talk is of the yesterday's close call in the town of Frakum, where they were nearly captured by Felisha's forward Guard. Frasser, the Wizard looks up into the tree and sees a raven. Signaling with his hand, the raven flies to him. Frasser pulls a small nut out of his pouch and offers it to the bird. After eating, the bird surprises everyone by talking! The Raven tells the adventurers that Felisha's next move will be to go around the Rakile mountains, taking dead mans pass, in order to save time.
The Count orders everyone to mount-up. At a quick pace, they reach their location. After a few minutes of hard labor, the avalanche starts. "That ought to slow them down a bit!" the Count says. The avalanche has cut off dead man's pass, easily setting his adversary back 2 days.


Frasser (Artwork: Parkinson, Design: Cath)
1 Victory Point
Low-up card moves first in this game
You get to look at your opponent's initial 12 card draw


Raven (Artwork: Howe, Design: Cath)
2 Victory Points
No Special Rules
1 time per game, after the Draw and Organize phase, but before Up-Cards are drawn. Pick an opponent's shield, your opponent must tell you where that shield will move that turn.


Avalanche (Artwork: Nasmith, Design: Cath)
1 Victory Point
Any Spells or Items that cost 1 Power Stone, now cost 2 Power Stones.
1 time per game, when it is your turn to move, you can turn one of your shields, not move it, and turn an opponent's shield.


Scene 5 - The Drifters Nexus real close. This is the Burnt Lands, the sulfur smell is thick in the air. Air is getting thin... A death shriek is heard around the bend... Our adventurers ready their weapons and investigate... There is Felisha, standing on the large corpse of a Great Ba'Te. The rest of her party has been wiped out... She is wounded, but fiery... She looks deep into the Counts Eyes..the count feels his life force falling away.... But, just before the moment of death, the counts squire leaps in-between the two, breaking Felisha's death lock. The squire is hit by arcs of electricity shooting forth from Felisha's eyes and is vaporized. The Count stands back on his feet. Sensing his opportunity, he lunges at Felisha with his magical sword "Night Bearer", loping off her head. Fothan takes the Amulet from around Felisha's neck and the party continues on...


Death Look (Artwork: Cleavenger, Design: Cath)
1 Victory Point
Players draw an extra card if their Up-card was a shield
1 time per game, you can look at an opponents storage hand and discard any 1 card from it.


Night Bearer (Artwork: Den, Design: Cath)
1 Victory Point
players draw two extra cards if their Up-card was a terrain card
1 time per game, you may add 5 Vitality to any of your creatures in a Match-up


Squire (Artwork: Gimenez, Design: Cath)
2 Victory Points
All players get a stone if there is a tie for Up-card
1 time per game, you may put a card back into your storage hand instead of discarding it.


Amulet of Zah (Artwork: Pennington, Design: Cath)
5 Victory Points
The space limit is increased to 33 Vitality.
Nothing special. If you lose a game while holding the Amulet of Zah, your opponent can chose to take it from you instead of taking the new Adventure Deck Card.


ou can help us to create the other Adventure cards : you must find an illustration adapted with the text of the card !

Download Cath's border adventure (1 169 Ko) and follow the graphic chart:

You can create your own adventure cards. Try the Challenge !

Here are the new cards from Thierry :

Tempus Crisis (Artwork: Maitz, Design: Thierry)
1 Victory Point
Once per game, you can consider the UCN of the last card of your Discard Pile instead of the top card of your Draw Pile.

Once per game Draw your cards from your Discard Pile instead of your Draw Pile.

Damocles (Artwork: Pennington, Design: Thierry)
0 Victory Point
All players could bribe one bribable creature per game without any bribery card.
You could bribe two bribable creatures without any bribery card, even protected against bribery.

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