e organise with the autorisation from the Guardians creators (Keith Parkinson et Luke Peterschmidt) a challenge of creation of new cards. The winner, selected by Luke Peterschmidt and website team, will recieve an Exploding Tweezle !



e are eager to discover your creations ! Here is graphical chart to follow :


The font used is ITC Weidemann from Adobe.

You can download the .psd border of each sort of Guardians cards:

Elemental (2 459 Ko)

External (2 347 Ko)

Magic item (3 088 Ko)

Mortal (2 512 Ko)

Shield-Terrain (2 670 Ko)

Spell (2 163 Ko)

Standard Bearer (1 979 Ko)

Strongold upgrade left (2 060 Ko)

Strongold upgrade right (2 010 Ko)

Terrain (2 276 Ko)

The bribbery and command icons (76 Ko)


Send the picture in 300 dpi in the format of the cards, and two versions in RBB, 72 dpi, one of 18 cm high, and the other of 6 cm high, ready for publication on the website, to philbarfly(a)free.fr

Just try it ! We shall publish the best cards you send us... Don't forget to give us your name, email, the illustrator's name and what is great for the game with your card.

Be careful to create cards not too powerfull. Don't forget to give the name of the illustrator and respect the copyrights.

For exemple, here is the first card done by Thierry : the Ancestral Tiger.

Nicklas Akerman send us this beautiful female pirate painted by Clyde Caldwell taken from his webpage.

Jean Claude Prunet and his brother Philippe send two cards : Mr Smith, Don't bother me and Sinpad the recruiter

ou can stick the new printed cards on common cards from the game.

Here you have one of the three wining cards from challenge organised in 1995 by the magazine Scrye and a link to the website of Frank Schleich, the creator of this card.

This card win a challenge but I have no more info !

For exemple, here are some of the sigcards created by C.J. Burke :

Rules Lawyer: Elemental, Vitality 1, OCB 0, Devil, Medium, LGB, Devil, CMP 0, red bar. Play as a ranged attack or secondary attacker when there is an argument about the rules. If Rules Lawyer is not bribed, you win the argument, but if Rules Lawyer is bribed, you lose.

Faith in God, Up-Number 23, Event For the rest of this turn, all Angels are considered to be channeling receivers.They are also considered to be immune to Demons and Devils. Play this Event before you turn your first Shield, but only if there is not an Event in play. Put this Event in your discard pile at the end of the Terrain Settlement Phase.

Argyle Gargoyle: Elemental, Vitality 5, OCB 0, Large, Flying, Gargoyle, CMP 0, green bar. Destroys Golfer, Gopher and Caddy. Garboyles cannot be the target of Spells.

Mr. Suitcase: External, Vitality 12, OCB 0, Medium, Gold, Wanderer, CMP 0, red bar. When played as a primary attacker, you may search your draw deck for any one creature, Spell, Magic Item or Bribery card that can be played during this match-up. That card *must* be played during this match-up.

The Mad Librarian: Mortal, Vitality 4 (red 7), OCB 0, Medium, Gold, babes, Wizard, CMP 2, green bar. Must be in the channeler position under the stronghold, spend one power stone, and draw an extra card during the Draw and Organize phase.

Deasil Engine: Hand Magic Item, Up 6
Play at the end of any turn. If your opponent gained more than 2 stones in this turn from any source or sources, you get half of them (rounded down

Lycanthrope: Mortal, Vitality 3/6, OCB 0, Medium, Misc. Human, CMP 0, red bar. When used as a primary attacker, flip a coin. If it's heads, take the creature card closest to the top of discard pile and lay it on top this one. It becomes the new attacker for the rest of the combat. At the end of combat, but that card on the *bottom* of your discard pile.

Spell-Free Zone: 3, Hand Magic Item Place on top of any disputed land space or terrain card. No Spells may be cast during combats on this space and no Spells may target a Shield on this space.

Pain in the Asp: Spell, 6 Play during any primary match-up. Acts like an 8-point ranged attack that only affects Undead from Necropolis Park expansion.

Two Kinds of Booty: Spell, 14 Play as a command card, for the duration of Combat, you may deflect a Babes bribery card with a Gold bribery card. (Both bribery cards are discarded, combat continues as usual.)

Prospector: Mortal, Vitality 5, OCB 0, Medium, Misc. Human, Babes,CMP 0, red bar. While Prospector is in play, you may use any terrain card as a Gold bribery card

Dwarven Armorer: Mortal, Vitality 3, OCB 1, Small, Beer, Dwarf, CMP 0, red bar. C: You may spend 1 stone or discard one Magic Item to increase any Dwarf's Vitalty by 4.

Miss Good Wench: Mortal, Vitality 1, OCB 0, Medium, Misc. Human, Gold, CMP 0, red bar. +10 Vitality against Knights, Pirates, Giants, Ogres and Outlaws.

Lion Tayoo: External, Vitality 5, OCB 0, Large, Wanderer, CMP 0, green bar. If it has not received channeling, it can declare itself and its primary opponent as Unchallanged Creatures in combat.

Gargoyles: Elementals, Large, Flying, CMP 0, green bar.Granite Gargoyle: Vitality 12, OCB 3, Immune to Hand Magic Items. Gargoyles cannot be target of Spells.

Stone Gargoyle: Vitality 9, OCB 2, +3 in Dry Heaps. Gargoyles cannot be target of Spells.

Ice Gargoyle: Vitality 8, OCB 2, Immune to Undead. Gargoyles cannot be target of Spells.

Snow Gargoyle: Vitality 8, OCB 1, +3 in Mountains. Gargoyles cannot be target of Spells.

Iron Gargoyle: Vitality 10, OCB 3, Immune to fire. Gargoyles cannot be target of Spells.

Guardian Gargoyle: Vitality 6, OCB 0, 5 pt ranged attack, only usable if primary attacker is a Mortal. Gargoyles cannot be target of Spells.

Avenging Gargoyle: Vitality 7, OCB 1, -3 as primary attacker, +3 as a secondary attacker Gargoyles cannot be target of Spells.

Sliver Bartender: Mortal, Vitality 4, OCB 0, Small, Gold, CMP 0, red bar. Until end of combat, Slivers are bribable by Gold instead of Beer. If this card leaves play, the original bribery icon takes effect.

Sliver Phone Booth: Creature Magic Item, Up 16 You can stack 20 points of Slivers in this phone booth. However, the Sliver Phone Booth stacks as Vitality 16 creature under any Shield.

Sliver Bullets: Hand Magic Item, Up 5 Play as a Command Card. Each Sliver ranged attack gets +1 to their ranged attack for each previously played Sliver ranged attack.

Sliver Fireball: Spell, Up 4 Play as a Command Card. For each Sliver you discard, do a 2 point fire AOE that affects both sides. (Note: edit "Burnt Sliver" card to specifically state "Immune to Fire")

Continental Divide: Accessory, Up 21 Place next to your Guardian. All of your creatures are plus one vitality on the spaces in front of each of your non-rubbled strongholds, regardless of ownership. Your card limit is reduced by 1 when this card is in play.

Li'l Devil: Elemental, Vitality 2, OCB 0, Small, Gold, Devil, CMP 0, red bar. Immune to fire.


Some are realised by the web team in The Seven Seas expansion set.