hristopher J. Burke a créé une variante avec de nouvelles cartes appelées Events que nous souhaitons réaliser. A suivre ses explications et ses commentaires :

"Events I thought was a cool name (simpler than "Great Events"). Basically, I was tired of Yet Another Monster cards and wanted to do something different. I realized that Guardians didn't have anything like Magic's (Global) Enchantments or Illuminati's New World Order cards. That's where it all came out of. Then it was a matter of coming up with a bunch of cards all at once to introduce the idea, instead of one or two at a time. (It was also a good way to "claim ownership" of it, instead of letting someone else pick it up and run with it.)

Some are definitely better than others. If I were to divide them up, it would probably go something like this:


Events I like most:

(updated 07/09/2007)

Crusade: Up Number 13, For the rest of the turn, all Knights, Angels and Clerics are +3 Vitality. (a boost to Knights and Angels) (Artwork: O'Connor, Design: Cath)

The Great Flood: Up Number 12, For the rest of the turn, treat all disputed land as Rivers & Lakes. +2 Vitality to all Creatures with "Seven Seas" or "Rivers and Lakes" bonuses. -2 Vitality to all Creatures with fire-based attacks. -1 to all fire-based AOE attacks. (pro-R&L, anti-fire) (Artwork: Graffet, Design: Cath)

Power Corrupts: Up Number 15, Whenever a Shield wins a battle on a face up Terrain card (not Shield/Terrain), that player receives Power Stones equal to HALF the Up number (rounded up) of the Terrain. That player also discard the same number of face-down cards from the top of his draw deck. (Artwork: Giancola, Design: Cath)

Mystic Showdown: Up Number 17, For the rest of this turn, all off-color bonuses are doubled. (a boost to off-color bonus decks) (Artwork: Irving, Design: Cath)

Tectonic Shift: Up Number 29, For the rest of this turn, all Terrain bonuses remain in effect for the duration of combat but do not count for determining control of the space. (a boost to Terrain-bonus decks) (Artwork: Sweet, Design: Cath)

Everyone For Themselves: Up Number 20, For the rest of this turn, treat all Creatures as Unclassed. (kills Classed-based decks) (Artwork: Whelan, Design: Cath)

Chalice of Holy Water: Up Number 22, For the rest of this turn, if a Demon, Devil or Undead Creature is beaten in a match-up, it is destroyed. (Undead can be powerful and so can D&D. Here's a little balance) (Artwork: Achilleos, Design: Cath)

Strike!: Up Number 27, For the rest of this turn, Shields in the disputed lands may not receive any re-inforcements. (forces a change in strategy) (Artwork: Achilleos, Design: Cath)

Calm Over the Land: Up Number 28, For the rest of this turn, all Terrain restrictions are lifted, including those on movement, ranged attacks, channeling and Bribery.(this one could backfire on you easily).(Artwork: Howe, Design: Thierry)

One Step Down from that:

Ice Age : Up Number 24 For the rest of this turn, all Creatures are -3 Vitality (never reduced below zero) unless they have "Ice" or "Snow" in there names. Rivers and Lakes bonuses are reduced to zero. (Lakes are frozen over.) (I like it, but it could be a little better. Anti-everyone as well as R&L).(Artwork: Parkinson, Design: Cath)

United!: Up Number 21, For the rest of this turn, all Creatures are immune to Creatures with of the same Creature Class during primary match-ups. (I like the effect, but it would be hard to plan for it). (Artwork: Whelan, Design: Cath)

Drought: Up Number 25, For the rest of this turn, all Creatures with Dry Heaps bonuses are +3 Vitality, all Creatures with Rivers and Lakes or Seven Seas bonuses are -3 Vitality (never reduced below zero). (Too good for Slag Beast decks? Too much anti-R&L. Might be interesting in a game with Oceans). (Artwork: Whelan, Design: Cath)

Great Forest Fire: Up 11, For the rest of this turn, all creatures with fire-based attacks double their base Vitality against creatures with Woods bonuses. (Artwork: Irving, Design: Cath)

Least Impressive:

Power Leak: Up Number 18, For the rest of this turn, every time a player spends a stone, that player must also discard the top face-down card from his/her draw deck. (Cool effect, but only really hurts infinite stone combos -- unless you also have Power Corrupts! (in which case, move it up a notch.)) (Artwork: Cabral, Design: Cath)

Spiritual Awakening: Up Number 16, For the rest of this turn, all Spirits are considered to be channeling receivers. (It's Spirit Mountain all over.) (Artwork: Rowena, Text: C.J. Burke, Design: Cath)

Meteoritic Rain: Up Number 19, For the rest of this turn, all Mountains terrain is considered to be face-down Terrain. (Anti-mountain, but is that a big deal?) (Artwork: Eggleton, Text: C.J. Burke, Design: Cath)

Firestorm: Up Number 14, For the rest of the turn, all fire-based attacks are +3 Vitality. All fire-based AOEs are +1 to the AOE. Creatures immune to fire lose their immunity. (Artwork: Nasmith, Text: C.J. Burke, Design: Cath)

Reversed Polarity: Up Number 23, For the rest of this turn, all channeling from Guardians SUBTRACTS Vitality from creatures. However, you may channel to your opponent's Creatures that can accept channeling. Only Guardians may channel. (Reverse Polarity: Energy Eater with a twist) (Artwork: Stawicki, Design: Cath)

Sandstorm: Up Number 26, For the rest of this turn, Shields may only move one space. (Artwork: Easley, Design: Cath)

Play the Event before you turn your first Shield, but only if there is not an Event in play. Put the Event in your discard pile at the end of the Terrain Settlement Phase."


Les illustrations proviennent du web et sont (et demeurent) la propriété de nombreux artistes : Chris Achilleos,Gerald Brom, Ciruelo Cabral, Easley, Bob Eggleton, Donato Giancola, Graffet, Howe, Irving, Don Maitz, Rowena Morril, Ted Nasmith, O'Connor, Keith Parkinson, Rhinoma, Matthew Stawicki, Justin Sweet, Michael Whelan...


Vous voulez nous aidez à réaliser ces cartes : vous avez trouvé une illustration qui convient, il ne vous reste qu'à télécharger le fond Event (1390 Ko) réalisé par Cath.


Envoyez l'image finale en 300 dpi, au format de la carte, et deux versions en RVB, 72 dpi, l'une de 18 cm de large, et l'autre de 6 cm large, pour être publiées sur le site : philbarfly(a)

Voici nos premières cartes event :

Dragon Flight: Up Number 23, For the rest of this turn, all Dragons are not bribable. (Artwork: Maitz, Text: Philbarfly, Design: Cath)

Cretacic Park: Up Number 7, For the rest of this turn, all Saurians get their Vitality bonus in Jungle even not on a Jungle terrain. (Artwork: Rhinoma, Text: Philbarfly, Design: Cath)

Day of the Beast: Up Number 8, For the rest of this turn, all Demons and Devils are + 3 Vitality. (Artwork: Brom, Text: Philbarfly, Design: Cath)

Get the Plunder: Up Number 23, For the rest of this turn, each time a Pirate wins a Primary attack match-up, that player receives one Power Stone (Artwork: Maitz, Text: Philbarfly, Design: Cath)

Mists of Tranquility: Up Number 17 For the rest of the turn, no shield can move to, from or over Swamps, Seven Seas and Rivers and Lake, no fight could be allowed on these terrain. None of these terrain can be changed or removed. (Artwork: ?, Text: Thierry, Design: ?)

Forgotten Valley: Up Number 7 For the rest of the turn, all beaten bribable creatures are removed from the games. (Artwork: Komarck, Text: Thierry, Design: ?)

Murmur of Rain: Up Number 11 For the rest of the turn, for 1 power stone, increase of 2 pts. any Ranged Attack. Only 1 power stone per ranged attack. (Artwork: Royo, Text: Thierry, Design: ?)

Tide of the Century: Up Number 27 For the rest of the turn, replace any terrain bonus by Sevens Seas terrain bonus (except on terrains with a Mountains base). (Artwork: Maitz, Text: Thierry, Design: ?)

No Man's Lands: Up Number 3 For the rest of the turn, treat every terrains as facedown terrain. (Artwork: Nasmith, Text: Thierry, Design: ?)

Les cartes sont téléchargeables en haute définition:

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