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ere are some links where you can meet the Guardians' universe again...

The French editor's site

Jeux Descartes

The Yahoo Forum (in english)

The forum on Guardians.

Creators and illustrators

Keith Parkinson : This address refers to the site from one of the creators and the principle illustrator of Guardians...

The fantasy art of Richard Hescox : The official website of Richard Hescox.
Given by Anatole.

The official site of Larry Elmore : The official website of Larry Elmore.
Given by Anatole.

Ken Kelly : The official website of Ken Kelly...
Given by Anatole.

Audart : Artworks from James Warhola...
Given by Anatole.

Distinctive Original : Sell arts from Mike Ploog...
Given by Anatole.

Don Maitz Officiel Webpage : The official website of Don Maitz...
Given by Anatole.

The Brom Web Site : To Brom, made by fan...
Given by Anatole.

Brom : The official website of Brom with gallerie...
Given by Anatole.

Den Beauvais : The official website of Den Beauvais.
Given by Anatole.

Websites of fans

C.J. Burke : This site presents a synthesis of the game rules, useful for all those who cannot find a starter.

Kevin : Here you can find some decks


Eric Plante : An exceptional french FAQ can be found on this site

Crystal Keep : List of cards
Given by Thierry

Dragonheart (German) : a spoiler (uncomplete) of the german cards : a new website, in developpement, from Beregszászi Attila, in english and hungarian.
Soon, some news from the hungarian edition ?

To trade cards outside the forum

A. Domke

Jean Pierre Queille (in french)




Jeff Allender's Precarious House of Cards

Given by Thierry


Given by Thierry

To buy cards (voir aussi sur Ebay, Aucland)




House of cards

Different links about Guardians

Second nature cd : Here you can buy a screensaver with pics from Keith Parkinson, sold $14.99.

Nicklas Guardian Page : Betasoft on Guardians !
Given by Anatole.

Other links

Bibaz (in french) : Softs to download : games, utilities made by J.M.G.R and a friend (not on Guardians)
Given by J.M.G.R.

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